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NEW…. Invest with us!

Since we already have demonstrated our proficiency in undertaking interior contracting and general contracting projects. Hence, we have garnered the prestigious record of excellence in this field which bestow us with new and enthusiastic potential clients. In fact, Dar Rafi Contracting continuously maintains our excellent reputation valued by our satisfied customers who share mutual benefits with us. Due to increase of our customers trust and demand which eventually augmented our responsibilities.

From this point, we concluded to further expand our operation by investing and embarking into a small to medium real estate development projects. This include turnkey job construction of new private housing, residential villa, in addition to housing and villa renovation, refurbishing and restoration projects.

If you own a vacant lot, an idle land, or an old housing or residential villa that needs to be built, requires refurbishing, restoration or a total renovation jobs, Dar Rafi Contractings offers you our expertise, technical know-how and services to build you a new building, and/or renovate or restore your old building.

Eventually, upon finalizing and stamping the agreement, you will be our partner in the specified business venture. Finally, upon completion of the project, we will share with you the net profit, the mutual benefit and the potential business success upon selling the completely developed real estate.

What's New