About Us

Decoration Department

Dar Rafi Group, established as a general contracting company involved in construction, interior design, decoration and furnishing of royal palaces, hotels, farms/resorts, residential villas, offices and commercial complexes. Starting day one, the main aim of the company - was and still is - to set a turnkey job contracting company complete in all aspects, beginning from the very first spark of the idea going through each and every phase required to achieve a high-end product whether residential or commercial.

To achieve professionality the way we see it, Dar Rafi Group sets the means to obtain the golden aim. In our prospect, reaching this level of professionality, specialization must be introduced. That is, finding various departments or sections managed and operated by specialized highly experienced staff to conduct and operate tasks each in his field, operating parallel leaning on senior managers for coordination and control.

Due to this goal means a delicate structure. Dar Rafi Group turned out to be a company highly capable to adopt an idea, develop it and translate it into reality in a way that satisfies the company and impresses the client no matter how big the job might get. In the quest for perfection and specialization to do a job and do it right. Our departments were built chronologically competing one another.

In general and briefly speaking, Dar Rafi Group, well-known in this business seeking to "Translate your Imagination". Keeping in mind that there will not be a second chance to make first impression.